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Super charge your investment returns and save now!

Each month, a suburb is randomly selected in our postcode barrel promotion offer. What this means for those who own an investment property within the winning postcode is, ongoing management fees of just 5.5% (including GST), for a 12 month period from the date of signing a Managing Agency Agreement with our agency. This months (October 19) PROMO suburb is Everton Park 4053

How much can I save if i take advantage of this offer?

Please consider the following example. A property rented for $500 per week at 6,6% (including GST) would cost you the landlord $33.00 per week in management fees, Over a 52 week period, this would amount to $1,716.00 (we don’t charge any additional fees such as administration charges etc). If you were to take up the offer of 5.5% (including GST) for the same property, rented at $500 per week, the weekly cost of having your property managed by Just Residential would be reduced to $27.50 per week, On an annualised basis, this would equate to $1,430.00. A saving of $286.00 per year. If you compare this rate to the industry average of 8% plus GST, the savings become even greater!

Using the data from the example above, a property generating $500 per week in rental income, being managed by an Agency at 8.8% (including GST), would cost you the landlord $44.00 per week or $2,288 annually, Property, like any other asset class, should generate the highest possible return for the owner. With rental prices stagnating in Brisbane, and in some suburbs declining, any saving that a landlord can make should be seriously considered!

Our Guarantee: If you employ the services of one of our highly experienced Property Managers and are not completely happy with the level of service we provide, we will refund your management fees in full. This guarantee applies to the first 3 months of any new Managing Agency Agreement signed with us.